What others are saying about the 60-Days With God journal.

This valuable, inspirational prayer guide will help you enter into a more intimate relationship with the Father. Larry Smith’s insight and practical wisdom provides the building blocks to spiritual growth and emotional wholeness, and your prayers of intercession will become more effective. You will discover greater revelation in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior as you take the time to read, meditate, pray and journal. God will be glorified!
— Germaine Copeland, Author of Prayers That Avail Much Family Series

"60 Days With God" is a blessing. What a great job you did. One of the best I've ever seen.
— Fred Hartley, Senior Pastor, Lilburn Alliance Church, Lilburn, GA and President of the College of Prayer

I want to thank you for the 60-day prayer guide. It was an incredible resource and a joy to go through daily. It has it all, scripture, teaching, prayer, along with prayer requests. The journal pages were an added bonus which I wrote on daily.
— Claire Sullivan, member, Perimeter Church, Atlanta

60 Days with God became a guide of our daily prayer for my wife and myself still now. We are using the guidebook continually repeating from 1 through 60 again and again. We are going to repeat the book 6 times this year. The book is so great for us to learn not only how to pray in English but also how to worship and praise our Lord in English practically. Whenever I use the prayers in the guidebook, I feel the heavenly peace in my heart and the spiritual growth and richness. In fact, my wife and I memorize prayers in the book to develop our prayer skill in English.
— David Park, member, Perimeter Church, Atlanta

The 60 Day Prayer Guide, started me on the path of journaling my thoughts to God on a daily basis. This practice is a wonderful way to experience God and deepen my love relationship with Him. I am thankful to have been included. Leon Monroe, Member, Mt. Bethel United Methodist Church, Atlanta

The 60 days of journaling was like the "Intimacy With God" class only one-on-one in the privacy of the closet. So much of what I thought, felt, and was revealed to me went down on paper. It was like Barnabas capturing Paul's insights and revelations. There was no more room on each day's page to write all that the Holy Spirit was doing to my heart and mind. It just poured forth.
— Ralph Young, member, Perimeter Church, Atlanta

The guide was such a blessing to me. It helped me to spend more time than usual in prayer and helped me to feel connected to the greater needs of the church and our community. I cannot always make the prayer meetings at church due to a young family and my husband's ministry commitments but this was a fabulous way to feel completely "plugged in" - both to God and to the rest of the body at Perimeter. Thanks for this blessing!
— Terri Hintz, member, Perimeter Church, Atlanta

I wanted to let you know I used the prayer guidebook and loved it. I wished, however that the backs of the journal pages were blank, so I could journal more. I understand the logistics of that, though. I really was blessed by using it during my personal worship times.
— Shea Gilbert, church member, Perimeter Church, Atlanta

The guide really helped me keep focused on prayer and my prayer life. It enabled me to break out of my usual prayer routine and encouraged me to pray in different ways and for different things. I also enjoyed the prayer journal aspect, as I now find myself writing out my prayers first then praying for what I have written, which leads to more reflection on God's grace and fulfilled promises.
— Jason Smith, church member, Perimeter Church, Atlanta

The prayer guide was a big help to my personal devotion time. It kept me focused and gave me rich scripture and topcis to use as I prayed.
— Allan Wiltshire, II, member, Perimeter Church, Atlanta

The Prayer Guide was very effective in organizing my thoughts in knowing how to pray for our church, its goals, mission and vision. The quotes were especially meaningful in seeing the saints share God's insight over areas needing prayer cover. The guide also allowed me to journal what God was showing me during that time so I can go back and see how He was working in situations. For someone not prone to journaling, this was a great way to get started!
— Kipper Tabb — Director Pastoral Care/Prayer, Perimeter Church, Atlanta

Betty and I have been delighted with the 60 days with God devotional....it is the 1st thing we have done together , and it is always timely and new every day....thanks again
— Jim and Betty Keffer, members, Perimeter Church, Atlanta

I wanted to give you some feedback from our prayer session this morning (at the school). One person prayed about something that she had come across in the Prayer Guide (showing that she is using it and it is impacting her life...Hallelujah!), and then another followed up with a prayer of thanks for the guide and a request that the Lord would use this tool in the lives of those at the church (this second person is one who told me she decided to join the prayer team because she wanted to improve her own prayer life). We also prayed that the Holy Spirit would anoint the messages and prayers in the Guide and speak revelations into the lives of those who use it. God is good!! Thank you for your obedience and submission in putting that together...it is clearly doing God's work in our church and school.
— Gill Bolde, church member, Prayer Ministry leader at Perimeter Christian School, Atlanta

I am so appreciative of the little book on Prayer thats you gave us as Discipleship TEAMS leaders at our last meeting in November. It is rich! Thank you and Larry so very, very much. None of the leaders I coach were at that meeting and I would very much like to give them each a copy. Is it possible for me to request 10 copies of the book so that I can distribute them to my gals? If so, I do thank you sincerely. You could put them in Carl's office or mailbox with my name on them.
The prayer experience for our group has been so rich these weeks. I have been deeply blessed by it and the "60 Days with God" book has been wonderful. Wish it would not end, but it is the kind of thing that I can use over and over.

— Sherri Wilhelm, church member, Perimeter Church, Atlanta

I absolutely LOVE this book. I can not tell you enough how much it has meant to me. We need one for each month of 2003